February 25, 2016

On Shopping

Filed under: Shopping — rvchua @ 11:32 pm

I hate shopping and I always ask myself several times if I really need something or if my money can go to something better. However I have my yearly Metro gift certificate for P1000. This time I want to use it one time, the last one I lost almost P100 in some discrepancy of the transactions. Yesterday I picked up the following:

  • Zen Nutrients Gugo Shampoo (I couldn’t find their tea tree shampoo)
  • Cheap red tshirt (for workouts)
  • Anti-slip socks (for pilates)
  • Small notebook (bullet journal?)
  • Plastic hook (for my tote bags)
  • Adapter (I can’t charge my iPad mini if I am plugging in my laptop)
  • Nivea lotion (for the office, I use coconut oil at home)
  • Energen (for afternoon snacks at the office)
  • Pulceras (I was intrigued by this delicacy from Bacolod, unsweetened cookies)

Fortunately I only paid P8 extra for all of these. I don’t want to buy more stuff in the next three months.


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