March 7, 2016

Death Comes to Pemberley

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Death_Comes_to_Pemberley_titlecardI wasn’t a big fan when I read P.D. James’ Death Comes to Pemberley. However, I very much enjoyed the 3-part BBC adaptation which starred Matthew Rys as Darcy, Anna Maxwell Martin as Lizzie and Matthew Goode as Wickham. In the adaptation, I was able to focus on the slowly disintegrating relationship between Lizzie and Darcy. Very heartbreaking to see that Darcy does not believe Lizzie, she tries to hold his hand but he pulls away. Interesting to note that though Lizzie is the mistress of Pemberley, she still continues to wear more subdued clothes, in most scenes she is either overshadowed by the vibrancy or youthfulness of Georgiana and Lydia’s clothes. There is a side love triangle between Georgiana, Colonel Fitzwilliam and Henry Alveston which tests Georgiana’s decision to marry for love or for duty. I was disappointed that this version of Colonel Fitzwilliam is very different from the book. I always believed that Colonel Fitzwilliam would have been perfect for Lizzie if she did not marry Darcy but then maybe he changed because of his experiences in the war or after he inherited his father’s estate after his older brother died (the heir). Despite all of he did, I could empathize with him though he was indifferent to Georgina’s obvious reluctance when she accepted his suit. As for Wickham and Lydia, they remain the same despite being Wickham accused of murder. I wish they had their comeuppance but they come out in the end unscathed and enjoying the attention.

Yes, I very much enjoyed the adaptation. Check out the steamy scene between Darcy and Lizzie in episode 2!


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