March 29, 2016

Orange is the New Black

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I thought I would never like Orange Is the New Black because I didn’t like Piper to the point that Taylor Schilling’s expressions exasperated me. However fortunately the show did not just focus on Piper. There are episodes wherein we see the back story of the other minor characters. What they were before they came into prison, how they came into prison, etc. The characters that came off as tough in the first few episodes turned out to be vulnerable and even sometimes did the crimes without harmful intentions. In the three seasons, a lot of characters have become more developed. Crazy Eyes is a revelation especially when she became a writer of scifi erotica, she knows Gena Showalter! I was repulsed initially with Pennsatucky but she is slowly growing on me after she stopped her religious rants. I used to hate Figueroa but I had a turnaround ever since she started ‘helping’ Caputo.

 It took me a few episodes before I realized it was Kate Mulgrew playing Red, I usually skipped the credits. Interesting to note that the actor playing Pornstache is Liev Schreiber’s half-brother. The actress playing Morello is actually Australian and managed to pull off a very convincing Italian Brooklyn accent. Laverne Cox’ twin brother played her in flashback scenes before her sex reassignment surgery.

I don’t know when season 4 will air but I have a ton of questions. Is Alex still alive? Where is Bennet? Will Sophia ever leave solitary? Is Caputo really aligning himself with the corporation? Will Stella be transferred to maximum security? Can we have more scenes of Chang making her own food? I was mesmerized with her potato chips & peas balls. Can someone kick out Coates from his job?

orange is the new black


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