April 7, 2016

The Next Step

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If I had money and time, I would stick to Pilates and drop yoga. However I cannot afford P10,400 every couple of months, nor can I go the studio any time. I really love Pilates especially having one-on-one sessions. I can easily tell my teacher any pain I had, usually in the wrists, the shoulder or the hips. Then she would immediately try to address the situation, usually because a certain body part is sore. In the sessions that I had, I have never felt any pain though I usually feel my muscles working hard. I love that there is an intense focus of doing things correctly instead of like how high you can lift your leg. If you thought in yoga that you are discovering new muscles, in Pilates you easily feel your butt in just one move done less than 10 times!

In yoga, I really hate Warrior 1. I have to push my left hip forward and right hip back while engaging my back leg. My body instinctively screams in this pose. After doing Pilates, I find this pose unnatural for my body. Why does my hips and front knee hurt? Are we pushing the body to do the pose instead of adjusting the pose to the body? Is this a result of having a class that tries to accommodate a lot of people instead of catering to each person’s limitations? I used to hate being adjusted in yoga but with Pilates each adjustment is a joy. Relax the chest and shoulders, engage the abs, lower the sitz bones, lengthen, etc. Just with little adjustments, my body automatically knows what to do. Every move is done mindfully, with ease and effort at the same time.

Today is my last session. So what is the next step? I would like to incorporate more cardio in addition to Pilates because though I am getting stronger I have put on weight because of all the stress eating I have been doing. I am looking for an inexpensive gym that has an elliptical so my knees won’t hurt. The only option available if I go there before work is a little tricky in the commute. However that means another P1K+ per month and a new pair of sports shoes. Or I could just do 30-minute workouts at home every day! The thought makes me worried because I am very lazy. I only lasted one day in a previous experiment. I still need to plan this out because I simply cannot afford additional expenses. People who asked me how much I am paying for Pilates are immediately disappointed. I am using the money I have saved to pay for these classes and at the same time postponing the buying of a new iPad mini, expensive coffees and travel. Despite the sacrifices, I am determined to stick to Pilates as much as I can!


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