May 2, 2016

Bite The Bullet

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I did it. I finally started going to the gym starting April 18 and now currently in my third week. I have accepted that I will never do any exercise at home. No amount of motivation (no cost, convenience, etc.) could make me put on my sports bra and roll out my yoga mat. The only way it seems that I would do anything is get out of the house and go somewhere and now have been doing it for 11 days and counting.

I was hesitant to go to the gym because of the added expense. In the end, I paid P1,000 for the monthly membership (expires on May 22) and P200 for the ID. Then I had to buy a new pair of shoes (P1,300), my old Champion shoes were already one foot inside the garbage can. Those were expenses that I could ill afford especially with on-going Pilates classes. However my mid-section continued to grow, I was eating more junk every day and I could barely squeeze in time for yoga after work. I got tired of everything and finally bit the bullet.

My current schedule is to get up at 5:30AM and be at the gym at 6AM just when it opens. I usually prepare my things (uniform, socks, shoes, water, etc.) the night before. I tried to wake up 10 minutes earlier last week but I arrived before the gym opened so I ended up at drinking matcha iced coffee at 7 Eleven (not good). So I am back to my 5:30AM wakeup call. I am on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down. Next, I do some kettlebell exercises. I do these because nobody uses them. I still need to learn more kettlebell exercises and I will probably incorporate other exercises soon. Finally I change into my uniform, hop on a tricycle and be in the office before 7:30AM.

I really like the early morning schedule. I am finished with my workout before I even arrive at the office. No need to hurry up with work so I can exercise afterwards. This has been a blessing since I recently got deluged with late afternoon and early evening meetings. Because I arrive at the gym 30 minutes after I wake up, I am still not hungry so there is no need to have a super early breakfast. Despite having an empty stomach, I still have energy to complete my routine. By the time I am at the office, I am properly very hungry. I have also noticed that I haven’t been eating a lot of junk ever since I started going to the gym. I sincerely hope that this is not a fluke.

The commute from home to the gym is only 10 minutes and the tricycle is the only transport available. So far I haven’t had problem with transportation but I wonder if this would be the same when classes come back. I think there will be a serious problem by that time, everyone will be clamoring to get a ride. For now I am not sure if I will be back for another month.

Though I had to eke out money for membership and new shoes, I was able to reuse my current workout clothes. I am going back to using my long workout pants. For tops, I reuse one which is the only quick dry that I own. Other tops I use are cotton which I only use once a week, I hate hand washing cotton so I have these machine laundered instead. Since I am at the gym early (actually I am the first one there), I don’t have to suffer from workout clothing envy. I don’t care that the receptionists see me in the same outfit every day. I don’t look bad but I don’t look pulled together either. As for my new shoes, these have tendency to cramp my toes. I wished I bought Champions again because my last ones were super comfortable. However I do wish I had more money for sleeker shoes (Nike perhaps?), something that I can use not only in the gym but also while walking during the weekends.

When I go home at work, my routine includes hand washing used, wet garments and preparing my things for the next day. Since I need to wake up early, I can’t waste my evenings on the laptop watching Youtube videos. I try to read at night instead but I haven’t been faithful to the plan most of the time. Also I had to stop using my organic deodorant which hardly made me stop from stinking. Since I only have a shower after I get home at night, I certainly did not want to smell funky at the office for more than 10 hours.

My membership expires on May 22 but I don’t know yet if I will continue because I am expecting to have a hard time in the commute when school resumes. Have I lost any weight or trimmed my waist? It is too early to tell but I sweat buckets on the elliptical. I would like to go back to yoga again but I can’t afford paying for both at the same time. There are yoga classes in the gym but very limited and the schedule is not doable. It seems that my road to fitness has to be done one day at a time.


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