May 25, 2016

Sticking to the Routine

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In my first month at the gym I was pretty consistent going there from Mondays to Fridays except for the one time I woke up with a bad case of dysmenorrhea that I ended up skipping work. I started my second month last Monday but just this morning I had to skip the gym again. It started to rain early in the morning and became harder when it was time for me to wake up. Any desire to go to the gym went out the window. Some areas on the way to work were flooded, this time I made sure I had an extra pair of socks and shoes. I was soaked when I arrived at the office but my slip-ons held up well to the rain.

Actually if I put on a double effort I could still have gone to the gym, just adding extra socks. I could have waited half an hour for the rain to lessen but I had an early morning meeting to get to which I only found later to be postponed tomorrow. I also blame staying up late the night before watching Kung Fu Panda 3. I still have a hard time going to bed early, there is always another Youtube video to watch, some other distraction.

By June 13 all of this becomes tougher, kids are going back to school. The commute would be frustrating that it would be difficult to stick to this routine. I need to give more leeway on when I will arrive at the office but the most important thing is to go to sleep early so I don’t have to struggle waking up early. The plan is to watch movies during weekends only (with GOT as exception), minimal Youtube and more reading.


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