August 1, 2014

Yoga in July 2014

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yoga july 2014


June 23, 2014

YOGAthering Summer Solstice 2014

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Despite the bad weather last Saturday, more than 20+ yogis joined the YOGAthering Summer Solstice at Archival Ecohouse. Jaya, Jeanne, Jackie, Gabbie and Wei took turns leading the class who were joined by the kids/scholars from the Archival Ecohouse. It was a mix of seasoned teachers, regulars and newbies, there was even a couple (and Nathan!) who were brave enough to do their first yoga class that time.

Afterwards there were some healthy snacks (fruits, samosas, kamote, bananas) courtesy of Jeanne and Nathan. Unfortunately there wasn’t that much time to hang out, people had other appointments while I had yoga early the next day.

Again, picture is courtesy of Nathan Archival from Facebook.


June 4, 2014

Yoga in May 2014

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may2014 yoga

May 18, 2014

Yoga and Meditation at Archival Eco House Part 2

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With every yoga invite I get I don’t have any expectations except to be with the moment. Last Saturday’s yoga was held at Archival Ecohouse in Talamban. I saw a video at work about this place so I was really interested to see it. Before we started, we were given a tour of the place which was impressive with its sustainability. I just wished all these ideas trickled down to the barangay or subdivision levels. Well fed chickens eat camote tops, rainwater sourced swimming pool, solar panels, mosquito eating tilapia, misting, etc.

Have you ever tried yoga with kids? Jaya had to modify his lineup and gave instructions in Bisaya to cater the Echohouse kids. It was a bit disorienting to hear yoga in Bisaya and everyone ended up laughing. There was a time that I had to put my knees down from downward dog because I just needed to laugh. There was a kid beside me who kept saying that it was too hard or here we go again but he was not saying it to be irritating but expressing his feelings out loud and which probably everyone felt also.

We had a vegetarian dinner wherein most of the food was raw except for the red rice. The raw food was not to everyone’s liking but I really liked it. I always look forward to eating vegetarian food because I feel full but not heavy afterwards. For dessert, we had banana ice cream which were made from just frozen bananas. You can look for it in youtube on how it is made.

This was the first yoga event at the Ecohouse and everyone hopes that there will be a retreat there soon. It is the perfect place to be with nature and meditate. I wish I can join the retreat (I think my days in Cebu are numbered) and hangout with the wonderful people that I met from Yoga Dance, Kandaya Fitness Gym and Archival Ecohouse. Let the good vibes continue!

Photo courtesy of Nathan Archival from Facebook.

May 15, 2014

Yoga and Meditation at Archival Eco House

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eco_houseYoga and meditation and food (vegetarian) at Archival Ecohouse this Saturday May 17. Meetup is at 3PM at Bo’s BTC.