November 18, 2016

Vision Board#3

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One of my dreams is to travel to another country just for the food. I think Vietnam is the best bet! Also, I think this is the most amazing interview with Obama.



October 8, 2016

I Love Nips

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This needed more mint but at P18.50 it is a steal. Filling Christmassy!


September 28, 2016

Tackling More Bad Eating Habits

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It has been almost two months since I had no chicken, pork or beef. I want to shake things up again like eating less carbs (no more bread, noodles or pasta) which is what I fall back to days when I feel stressed or I don’t  have  a lot of options.

I still need to plan before I start with the next phase. Need to find more motivation especially with the temptations I find every where.


September 1, 2016

Monthly Expense Analysis (June to August 2016)

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I haven’t listed down my expense highlights since June so I am trying to do a catchup.


  • Foot socks for P300. The ones with the plastic on the ankle so it doesn’t slip off.
  • Coffee & doughnut at Krispy Kreme (P127).
  • New umbrella (P380) to replace my old one which doesn’t hold open anymore.
  • Renew gym membership (P1,000).


  • Found wonderful used books at Book Sale, three for P357.
  • Something cool at Bo’s Coffee (P120).
  • A new white shirt that I can use during pilates. I looked at the discounted racks and found one for P149.75.
  • Okonomiyaki and edamame for P270 at a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Lapu Lapu.
  • A pair of H&M bralettes for P999. I use these instead of my underwire bras which are stretched out.
  • Organic liquid detergent from Human Nature (P299.75). I need to start using this at the do-it-yourself laundry.
  • My favorite happy mooshi for P125.
  • Late cup of cappuccino (P150) while everyone had alcohol.


  • Dinner (P233) at a newly opened restaurant at the yacht club. Starting my no pork/chicken/beef diet.
  • Went twice to Country Basket for mushroom sandwich & then mushroom pasta. Total of P490 with iced tea.
  • Found another used book for P115.
  • Jojoba oil from Human Nature for P300. I use this for my face at night and once a week for my hair.
  • My red Nike backpack got too worn out so I had to buy a Converse backpack at The Outlets for P1,150. The Converse backpack is much sturdier than the Nike or Adidas ones.
  • A box of munchkins (P125) for my boss’ birthday brunch.
  • Lunch (P120) with friends at the food court.
  • Contributed P160 for a baby shower at the office.

Plenty of expenses but no regrets.

August 29, 2016

Cheap and Simple Pleasures

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  • Vegetarian lunch for only P95 at the food court. I have been agonizing for several weeks where to find food with no pork, no chicken and no beef in the mall. It seems I have forgotten the choices at the food court!
  • McDonald’s sundae cone (P17) for dessert.
  • Two hours at Dunkin Donuts nursing a cup of coffee and a regular doughnut (P55) while reading the rest of my book.
  • Do-yourself laundromat that costs only P65 for a single load. A load is 7 kilos maximum which I never reach each week! Added bonus is that the laundromat has aircon!

August 27, 2016

Because I am Hungry!

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Dreaming about this no pork, no chicken & no beef fried rice. Just skip the magic sarap though!

July 29, 2016

Rice Cooker Cooking

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I ate something last night that was cooked in rancid oil and I ended up having a stomach ache and numerous trips to the toilet. The thought of anything friend makes my stomach queasy and for tonight I am eating canned tuna paella, a packet of pork & beans and a packet of pineapple chunks. I want to eat healthier and maybe it is time to invest in a rice cooker because it looks I can cook a whole lot things beyond rice.


June 9, 2016

Monthly Expense Analysis (May 2016)

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I managed to have lower expenses in May. One weekend, my parents were in town so I had meals with them and my brother and his family. Another weekend, I got invited (free) to a lunch buffet at Shangrila which was very delicious (loved the Indian food and sushi). So here are my noteworthy purchases:

  • Breakfast at Bo’s (P205) because I was tired of my normal weekend breakfasts.
  • My once-a-month trip to Mooshi (P125).
  • Renewal of my gym membership (P1,000).

I have been reading Refinery29’s Money Diaries so I was inspired to analyze my spending and came up with these figures:

  • Food (40%)
  • Rent (38%)
  • Gym (10%)
  • Transportation (5%)
  • Laundry (4%)
  • Toiletries (3%)

Would this be the same next month? I probably have to buy new bras since the I am finding holes in the elastic! I didn’t include my Pilates classes because that would be 50% of my total expenses!

May 4, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (April 2016)

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April’s expenses were off the roof!

  • My favorite happy mooshi (P125) when I need a healthy boost once in a while.
  • Two pairs of shoes: slip-ons (P1,250) and workout shoes (P1,299).
  • A haircut (P130) which included tip for the extra shampoo and a 30-minute massage (P100) by blind therapists to get rid of shoulder pain.
  • Had iced coffee crumble (P135) and iced café latte (P120) at Bo’s and an iced mocha (P135) at Sans Rival. It took me a while to realize that I should lay off from iced drinks with too much whipped cream.
  • Gym membership (P1,000) and ID card (P200).
  • Bought too many pizza (P2,454) for people at the office to celebrate post-birthday.
  • A Jo Nesbo book (P115) at Book Sale! Carrot cake and coffee at Leona (P105). I remembered there was a time wherein I could have the same thing for less than P100. The cake is still the same but the coffee was watery.

I don’t know if I can manage to curb my expenses in May. Also, I need to stop buying shoes!

April 30, 2016

Cheap Coffee

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I am justified by my weekly McDonald’s black coffee. There is a nearby Dunkin Donuts but they inexplicably don’t have coffee all the time. Is this review also applicable to iced coffee? Also does anyone deliver here some iced coffee? I am slowly dying in the heat!

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