September 28, 2016

Tackling More Bad Eating Habits

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It has been almost two months since I had no chicken, pork or beef. I want to shake things up again like eating less carbs (no more bread, noodles or pasta) which is what I fall back to days when I feel stressed or I don’t  have  a lot of options.

I still need to plan before I start with the next phase. Need to find more motivation especially with the temptations I find every where.



September 1, 2016

Monthly Expense Analysis (June to August 2016)

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I haven’t listed down my expense highlights since June so I am trying to do a catchup.


  • Foot socks for P300. The ones with the plastic on the ankle so it doesn’t slip off.
  • Coffee & doughnut at Krispy Kreme (P127).
  • New umbrella (P380) to replace my old one which doesn’t hold open anymore.
  • Renew gym membership (P1,000).


  • Found wonderful used books at Book Sale, three for P357.
  • Something cool at Bo’s Coffee (P120).
  • A new white shirt that I can use during pilates. I looked at the discounted racks and found one for P149.75.
  • Okonomiyaki and edamame for P270 at a newly opened Japanese restaurant in Lapu Lapu.
  • A pair of H&M bralettes for P999. I use these instead of my underwire bras which are stretched out.
  • Organic liquid detergent from Human Nature (P299.75). I need to start using this at the do-it-yourself laundry.
  • My favorite happy mooshi for P125.
  • Late cup of cappuccino (P150) while everyone had alcohol.


  • Dinner (P233) at a newly opened restaurant at the yacht club. Starting my no pork/chicken/beef diet.
  • Went twice to Country Basket for mushroom sandwich & then mushroom pasta. Total of P490 with iced tea.
  • Found another used book for P115.
  • Jojoba oil from Human Nature for P300. I use this for my face at night and once a week for my hair.
  • My red Nike backpack got too worn out so I had to buy a Converse backpack at The Outlets for P1,150. The Converse backpack is much sturdier than the Nike or Adidas ones.
  • A box of munchkins (P125) for my boss’ birthday brunch.
  • Lunch (P120) with friends at the food court.
  • Contributed P160 for a baby shower at the office.

Plenty of expenses but no regrets.

August 27, 2016

Hamman Massage

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I don’t remember the last time I had a massage but I think I need one soon. However, my dream massage is a hamman massage wherein the masseuse scrubs your entire body and douses you with water. Do we have this in Cebu? This is my life’s wishlist.

August 5, 2016

Fitness and Pilates in July 2016

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Last month’s fitness just went down the drain. I had to slow down from 5 days to 3 days per week in the gym and in the last week I only managed 1 session. I wasn’t able to maximize my 1-month membership. I had too many excuses why I didn’t go to the gym but overall I had to extend my sleep in the morning. So for the first week of August, I am not going back to gym and just enjoying not having to wake up with my phone alarm. I need to revive my motivation to exercise!

fitness july 2016

July 29, 2016

Rice Cooker Cooking

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I ate something last night that was cooked in rancid oil and I ended up having a stomach ache and numerous trips to the toilet. The thought of anything friend makes my stomach queasy and for tonight I am eating canned tuna paella, a packet of pork & beans and a packet of pineapple chunks. I want to eat healthier and maybe it is time to invest in a rice cooker because it looks I can cook a whole lot things beyond rice.


July 1, 2016

Pilates and Fitness in June 2016

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There were just days that was difficult to wake up early in the morning and lug myself to the gym. Sometimes sleep need to be a priority in my life, so that means minimize my addiction to Youtube!

pilates & fitness jun2016

June 9, 2016

Monthly Expense Analysis (May 2016)

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I managed to have lower expenses in May. One weekend, my parents were in town so I had meals with them and my brother and his family. Another weekend, I got invited (free) to a lunch buffet at Shangrila which was very delicious (loved the Indian food and sushi). So here are my noteworthy purchases:

  • Breakfast at Bo’s (P205) because I was tired of my normal weekend breakfasts.
  • My once-a-month trip to Mooshi (P125).
  • Renewal of my gym membership (P1,000).

I have been reading Refinery29’s Money Diaries so I was inspired to analyze my spending and came up with these figures:

  • Food (40%)
  • Rent (38%)
  • Gym (10%)
  • Transportation (5%)
  • Laundry (4%)
  • Toiletries (3%)

Would this be the same next month? I probably have to buy new bras since the I am finding holes in the elastic! I didn’t include my Pilates classes because that would be 50% of my total expenses!

May 31, 2016

Pilates and Fitness in May 2016

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I also tried a free Krav Maga session!

gym and pilates may 2016

May 25, 2016

Sticking to the Routine

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In my first month at the gym I was pretty consistent going there from Mondays to Fridays except for the one time I woke up with a bad case of dysmenorrhea that I ended up skipping work. I started my second month last Monday but just this morning I had to skip the gym again. It started to rain early in the morning and became harder when it was time for me to wake up. Any desire to go to the gym went out the window. Some areas on the way to work were flooded, this time I made sure I had an extra pair of socks and shoes. I was soaked when I arrived at the office but my slip-ons held up well to the rain.

Actually if I put on a double effort I could still have gone to the gym, just adding extra socks. I could have waited half an hour for the rain to lessen but I had an early morning meeting to get to which I only found later to be postponed tomorrow. I also blame staying up late the night before watching Kung Fu Panda 3. I still have a hard time going to bed early, there is always another Youtube video to watch, some other distraction.

By June 13 all of this becomes tougher, kids are going back to school. The commute would be frustrating that it would be difficult to stick to this routine. I need to give more leeway on when I will arrive at the office but the most important thing is to go to sleep early so I don’t have to struggle waking up early. The plan is to watch movies during weekends only (with GOT as exception), minimal Youtube and more reading.

May 4, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (April 2016)

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April’s expenses were off the roof!

  • My favorite happy mooshi (P125) when I need a healthy boost once in a while.
  • Two pairs of shoes: slip-ons (P1,250) and workout shoes (P1,299).
  • A haircut (P130) which included tip for the extra shampoo and a 30-minute massage (P100) by blind therapists to get rid of shoulder pain.
  • Had iced coffee crumble (P135) and iced café latte (P120) at Bo’s and an iced mocha (P135) at Sans Rival. It took me a while to realize that I should lay off from iced drinks with too much whipped cream.
  • Gym membership (P1,000) and ID card (P200).
  • Bought too many pizza (P2,454) for people at the office to celebrate post-birthday.
  • A Jo Nesbo book (P115) at Book Sale! Carrot cake and coffee at Leona (P105). I remembered there was a time wherein I could have the same thing for less than P100. The cake is still the same but the coffee was watery.

I don’t know if I can manage to curb my expenses in May. Also, I need to stop buying shoes!

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