November 6, 2016


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Mood lighting? Cinnamon buns? Coffee?


August 29, 2016

Cheap and Simple Pleasures

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  • Vegetarian lunch for only P95 at the food court. I have been agonizing for several weeks where to find food with no pork, no chicken and no beef in the mall. It seems I have forgotten the choices at the food court!
  • McDonald’s sundae cone (P17) for dessert.
  • Two hours at Dunkin Donuts nursing a cup of coffee and a regular doughnut (P55) while reading the rest of my book.
  • Do-yourself laundromat that costs only P65 for a single load. A load is 7 kilos maximum which I never reach each week! Added bonus is that the laundromat has aircon!

June 16, 2016

Diva Cup

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I have been using my reusable menstruation pads for 2 years now. It is no longer as white as before and some stains remain after every wash. I am also tired of washing them after use and it takes a long time unless I hang them out under direct sunlight. I still use them every period but only at night or during the weekends. I want to use a Diva Cup especially that you can buy it local online shops. However, I still don’t know if I will ever be comfortable inserting them and taking them out during my period! The BuzzFeed ladies try them out and share their experiences.

June 15, 2016

Packing Light (In My Dreams)

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I don’t know when I will travel out of country again but if I do I really wish I travel as light as this. It is amazing how she was able to have clothes for warm and cold weather. I think packing cubes are the best way to organize clothes however I haven’t seen these locally. Merino and bamboo are also key fabrics to stay warm, not smell and dry quickly. Personally I would add a water bottle to avoid overpriced water at the airport.

April 13, 2016

5 Days in The Same Outfit

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Much as I want to do something like this, it is simply impossible. I sweat a lot and sometimes I smell funky especially with the natural deodorant I have been using. Also, we are in the middle of El Nino wherein I am covered in sweat when I am just brushing my teeth. However I do wear my work pants 4x a week and nobody notices. In Pilates, I wear the same pants and use it during the weekend and then finally wash it before my next session.

November 26, 2015

It Is The Time of Year

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It is the time of year when opportunities to donate your old unwanted things suddenly pop out. I had already planned to get rid of last year’s golf shirt uniforms. However after reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I have resolved to let go of more things. Kondo tells us to ask ourselves if each item sparks joy. If I look at my work uniforms, none of them makes me happy, a couple of pieces I find uncomfortable and becomes unbearable when I become bloated. Looking at my personal stuff, there are shirts that I have enjoyed before but after several years of constant use now just makes me look dowdy. I have also been holding on shirts that have shrunk and were just hanging in my closet unused. This morning I tried on a pair of black slacks that I have only used a handful of times but when I put it on I could barely close the buttons over my belly. I tried walking around but it was just too tight, I could never see myself wearing this again. If I need a pair of slacks again, I would rather buy a new one that fits.

I lugged almost 4 kilos of stuff to the office. Inside were old shirts, a pair of slacks, handkerchiefs, a sports bra, hand towel, paper plates, plastic forks, a headband, a thin cardigan and a tote bag with a damaged zipper in one of its pockets. It seems that I am the first one who has dropped off any donations. It was also an opportunity to throw into the trash an old watch box (with expired warranty), plastic pouch, a broken comb that I was still using yesterday, broken container for my shades and icky underwear. I will also throw away my Sperrys and holey socks next week and move on to the blue flats I have only used twice. I will also donate a couple of plastic bottles that are still residing in my work desk. I will give my cutlery to my brother and buy ones that are less heavy. I will also bring home to Iligan a couple of malongs that have been accumulating and languishing in my plastic container for years.

By getting rid of all these things, it will finally force me to buy a couple of shirts. I plan to finally go to Uniqlo this weekend. H&M is opening this weekend also. I need a tote bag but my red Nike backpack has been very useful though it needs another thorough washing. There are still a couple of shirts that I can let go but for now I will hold on until I finally buy new ones.

Looking at my tiny closet, it looks more spacious and I want to keep it that way. Maybe it is time to start folding my clothes the KonMari method!

October 14, 2015

Potato Skins for Grey Hair?

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I have had white hair for fifteen years. A hair dresser told me to never dye my hair and I have followed that advice. I have never dyed my hair although there have been times that I was sorely tempted (violet hair!). At my age, white/grey hair is just around the corner or maybe not? Need to see if this trick works!

July 28, 2015

Japanese Tiny Narrow House

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I find the toilet, bedroom and hallway too narrow and claustrophobic, I assume the sides of the hallway are their closets. The most fascinating part is the entrance way. You have light, something green and privacy in such a tiny space!

June 25, 2015

Experiences vs Things

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A reminder for this weekend. Need to think again what to do next, what options I have.

May 28, 2015

Going Nomad

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I want the freedom to have time to pursuit other things in my life. I have been looking for an online job, both which haven’t materialized as I expected. In this video, a nomadic couple uses their van as their home base. It looks comfy but what do you do if you need to take a shower or take a dump? You can’t take off your clothes at any time. What about intimacy? Also during summer it is going to be hot unless they find a place they can park with their van doors wide open.

But maybe someday I will be a nomad of sorts, who knows?

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