August 29, 2016

Cheap and Simple Pleasures

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  • Vegetarian lunch for only P95 at the food court. I have been agonizing for several weeks where to find food with no pork, no chicken and no beef in the mall. It seems I have forgotten the choices at the food court!
  • McDonald’s sundae cone (P17) for dessert.
  • Two hours at Dunkin Donuts nursing a cup of coffee and a regular doughnut (P55) while reading the rest of my book.
  • Do-yourself laundromat that costs only P65 for a single load. A load is 7 kilos maximum which I never reach each week! Added bonus is that the laundromat has aircon!

June 9, 2016

Monthly Expense Analysis (May 2016)

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I managed to have lower expenses in May. One weekend, my parents were in town so I had meals with them and my brother and his family. Another weekend, I got invited (free) to a lunch buffet at Shangrila which was very delicious (loved the Indian food and sushi). So here are my noteworthy purchases:

  • Breakfast at Bo’s (P205) because I was tired of my normal weekend breakfasts.
  • My once-a-month trip to Mooshi (P125).
  • Renewal of my gym membership (P1,000).

I have been reading Refinery29’s Money Diaries so I was inspired to analyze my spending and came up with these figures:

  • Food (40%)
  • Rent (38%)
  • Gym (10%)
  • Transportation (5%)
  • Laundry (4%)
  • Toiletries (3%)

Would this be the same next month? I probably have to buy new bras since the I am finding holes in the elastic! I didn’t include my Pilates classes because that would be 50% of my total expenses!

April 5, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (March 2016)

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I could have done without a couple of the purchases below especially with my credit card payment looming around the corner!

  • An H&M tshirt (P599) that said “My Everyday Tshirt”. Yes, I am planning to wear it as much as I can
  • A Happy Mooshi (P125) after a pilates session.
  • Finally bought a pail (P185) after being plagued with no water for several days.
  • Yoga class card 3+1 (P500).
  • Chocolates (P166.50) for my nieces
  • Ice cream (P100) for some work colleagues.
  • A bowl of shoyu ramen (P250) at Nonki.

I tried to do something healthy eating but I wasn’t able to sustain it for more than a week

March 4, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (February 2016)

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Looking at February’s numbers is almost giving me a heart attack.

  • Went back to yoga and got 5+1 (P800) and 3+1 (P500) class cards at Yoga Yachtclub Mactan.
  • A lot of dining out including a pizza treat (P866) for some of my HW engineers, breakfast (P135)at Bo’s, lunchout (P130) at Manggahan, halo halo treat (P180) for another colleague, lunch (P425) at Brique Ayala with Jeanne and a Munchkin box (P135) for my niece.
  • Fake Adiddas t-shirt (P150) and a Island Souvenirs t-shirt (P199.75) since I am running out of tops for workout and going out.
  • Trying out a new natural deodorant from Nature’s Gate (P195).
  • Also shelled out P10,400 for my pilates classes!

So in March, my goals include less eating out and healthier eating!

January 7, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (December 2015)

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December was the time I did more than overtime than in the rest of the year. I also got sick and still struggling to get my strength back.

  • There were many instances of expenditures for Bo’s and Starbucks. I was tempted by Starbucks during a really late telecon at work. I was at Bo’s 3 times, once to use their wifi (had no internet at home for 3 weeks), to have a good breakfast when my fever finally broke and while waiting at the airport for my flight home. Total cost was P580.
  • I bought a P500 class card at Yoga Tree. Unfortunately I only used one out of four classes that I was entitled. All the things that happened during the month left me no chance to do yoga.
  • Another place I hangout is at McDonald’s. Total cost is P227.
  • A pack of 3 toothbrushes (P108). I forgot I still had a new one hidden in my drawer.

Still eating a lot of crap and sugar despite being sick.

October 1, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (September 2015)

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I had lesser expenses this month and did not have any credit card expenses.

  • Dinners and lunches by myself or with friends was more than P1K.
  • A couple of boxes of Goldilocks brownies for the get together at Jeanne’s place.
  • Ashtanga class at Asana Yoga+Movement.
  • Replaced the battery of my watch and bought a bottle of coconut oil.

I am expecting to buy a new pair of shoes in October. Because of the rains in September, I had to wade in flooded waters almost every day. My Sperrys now are disintegrating at the sides. I can still use it though and I need to be careful because I almost slipped, the soles are almost worn out and have lost traction. Also I kind of ruined my Skechers during the coastal cleanup wherein we sank in the mud amongst the mangroves. I will need to buy shoes soon but I need to remember no more expensive shoes, no more Sperrys. No matter how expensive a shoe is, it only lasts more than a year because of the amount of walking I do every day.

Also, I need to go have my teeth cleaned. It has already been 2 months since they sent me a reminder.

I am still stress eating with cookies (Ovaltine cookies have become a mainstay) and chips. I am at loss on how to control and my tummy is getting bigger and yoga is not enough.

August 31, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (Aug 2015)

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My expenses were still high this month although I did not buy anything new.

  • I shelled out P250 for a much needed massage.
  • Yoga classes (Studio 108 & Surya Nanda) including class cards (Yoga Tree) came up to P1,740. I will try to have lower expenses in this area next month because I haven’t used up the class cards.
  • I also dined out with Clarice (mostly Nonki) and Jeanne (No 9 & Café Georg). I also had an expensive breakfast at Army Navy. All this summed up to P2K and it did not include my normal meals.
  • I treated some of my engineers to ice cream.
  • I was going to buy Zen Nutrients gugo shampoo using my gift certificate but the actual credits were smaller than the one indicated. I had to shell out more money than I thought. I hope this bottle will last me until my new gift certificates are available in December.

This was a stressful month and as expected I devoured too much including cookies (Ovaltine cookies!), milk tea, halo halo, etc. Need to have better control in September!

August 3, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (July 2015)

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I was almost P3K higher in my expenses in July compared to the previous month. I want to despair but almost all of my major expenses have justifications. The highlights are:

  • A couple of staycations in Cebu which involved taxis, eating out (including lunch at Café Georg) and accommodations.
  • I tried almond milk and liked it but I won’t be buying again especially with the new controversy that almond milk is only made up of 2% almonds.
  • I tried paella negra at the newly opened Spanish restaurant Hala Paella at BTC.
  • I lost my free classes at YogaHub so I had to buy a 5+1 class card at Yoga Tree.
  • I took a habal2x for my last anti-rabies vaccine shot. The jeepney and taxi options were scrapped, there was a long queue at the jeepney terminal and the traffic was almost to a standstill. I had to go to Mandaue to buy the vaccine and directly go to the animal bite center while the ice was still solid.
  • I went to Abaca again for another early breakfast of brewed coffee and blueberry scone. It is becoming my favorite place but it tends to get crowded easily, not a good choice to relax and read a book.
  • I had to buy a dress and pair of shoes for my cousin’s wedding. I hate shopping and I think I made my choices when I was too tired. The dress is a blue printed wrap dress, not exactly the versatile dress I was hoping for. The shoes has some detail, it is not made for long walks on uneven surfaces or in the mud. I can easily use the shoes in the office and the dress will be my go-to for every occasion.

I am still stumped with what to do to curb my buying of junk and processed food.

July 1, 2015

Expenses Monthly Analysis (June 2015)

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Although I have been jotting down all of my expenses (in Excel) since 2004, I don’t analyze monthly if the larger expenses are justified or not. So starting June 2015, I will review all the big expenses. I know that the smaller every day expenses especially food can be a major contributor. I don’t have a breakdown of all the food I buy (especially at the office) but a good portion goes to processed and junk food. I would like to limit that and I even made a plan before but it never worked, I was back to eating junk food in a few days.

Anyway, the point now is to analyze the big expenses (more than P100) for the month. I am not including rent and laundry since these are recurring expenses. The highlights are:

  • Iced coffee at Bo’s so I could use their wifi to complete an online qualification (which I got failing results and so did not get the job).
  • Dinner at The Coffee Bean after being caught in traffic and running out of time to reach my yoga class.
  • I treated my brother and his family to lunch at Oriental Spice Gourmet.
  • I bought a plastic hook to put up tote bags which function as storage space.
  • Ticket for Siddhartha The Musical at SM Cinema One.
  • I treated Jeanne to lunch at Krua Thai after Ashtanga class.
  • Taxi from Lapu Lapu to Cebu because it was night time and raining.

All expenses look reasonable since it allowed me to spend time with friends and family. I could have make do without the dinner at The Coffee Bean but that was a miserable night and the food was delicious.

I would like to lessen my expenses but not to a point that would make me miserable. I want to enjoy my life but not waste money on worthless things. Let us see what happens next month.

June 26, 2015

A Week in Turmoil or The Time I Became Bat Girl

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The weekend before was a conflicted one and as the days passed it became worse.

First, I got bit or scratched by a bat while taking down my towel from the laundry line. I don’t know what really happened but I felt some pain on my right thumb but there was no break on the skin nor blood. I ignored it but then the next day while I was hand washing some laundry, my right thumb started to hurt, the same area where I made contact with the bat. The next day it became swollen and I applied some topical ointment. The next day my thumb was still swollen and the precise location of where the bat touched me was throbbing. I panicked and could only think of the rabies. The company doctor admonished me and told me to get to the local animal bite center. Before I left the office, I had an anti-tetanus shot.

I thought it would be a breeze at the center but then there was a long line, people get bit by dogs or cats everyday! It was almost more than an hour before I was called, I was considered a Type II case. The first and fourth shots need to bought from a pharmacy in Mandaue, the second and third are free at the center. I was lucky that the person I had to share the first dose (good for 2 people) had a Toyota Fortuner so there was no need to worry about traffic. The shots were painless but I need to go back twice next week and then on the third week of July.

Am I safe? I don’t know. Although you can go as much as 6 days after contact to get your anti-rabies shots. There is still a possibility that I would develop rabies. If there is no post from me after July 6 then I am likely to be dead. The only thought I had yesterday was “Crap! I haven’t been able to enjoy the money I saved!!” So that is the food for thought this weekend. My mind is on turmoil while my body is bursting with anti-tetanus, anti-rabies and antibodies.

Also, my landlord told me this morning that they will increase the rent by P500. I have lived there for 7 years without any increase so it is about time. However, that is not the kind of news I want to hear early in the morning. P500 is not a big deal with my current salary but if I am really serious with my plans, I need to lower my other costs especially with food. Ever since I contracted Hepatitis when I was in high school, eating at carenderias is not a normal thing to do unless there is absolutely no option. I usually eat at fastfood joints or buy food from the grocery, both of which can get expensive in the long run. This week I ate at two different carenderias, fortunately no instances of unexpected trips to the toilet.

It is only Friday morning, what else is life throwing in my face?

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