May 2, 2016

Yoga, Pilates and Fitness in April 2016

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Focusing more on losing weight. I have to trim the love handles!

fitness apr2016


April 7, 2016

The Next Step

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If I had money and time, I would stick to Pilates and drop yoga. However I cannot afford P10,400 every couple of months, nor can I go the studio any time. I really love Pilates especially having one-on-one sessions. I can easily tell my teacher any pain I had, usually in the wrists, the shoulder or the hips. Then she would immediately try to address the situation, usually because a certain body part is sore. In the sessions that I had, I have never felt any pain though I usually feel my muscles working hard. I love that there is an intense focus of doing things correctly instead of like how high you can lift your leg. If you thought in yoga that you are discovering new muscles, in Pilates you easily feel your butt in just one move done less than 10 times!

In yoga, I really hate Warrior 1. I have to push my left hip forward and right hip back while engaging my back leg. My body instinctively screams in this pose. After doing Pilates, I find this pose unnatural for my body. Why does my hips and front knee hurt? Are we pushing the body to do the pose instead of adjusting the pose to the body? Is this a result of having a class that tries to accommodate a lot of people instead of catering to each person’s limitations? I used to hate being adjusted in yoga but with Pilates each adjustment is a joy. Relax the chest and shoulders, engage the abs, lower the sitz bones, lengthen, etc. Just with little adjustments, my body automatically knows what to do. Every move is done mindfully, with ease and effort at the same time.

Today is my last session. So what is the next step? I would like to incorporate more cardio in addition to Pilates because though I am getting stronger I have put on weight because of all the stress eating I have been doing. I am looking for an inexpensive gym that has an elliptical so my knees won’t hurt. The only option available if I go there before work is a little tricky in the commute. However that means another P1K+ per month and a new pair of sports shoes. Or I could just do 30-minute workouts at home every day! The thought makes me worried because I am very lazy. I only lasted one day in a previous experiment. I still need to plan this out because I simply cannot afford additional expenses. People who asked me how much I am paying for Pilates are immediately disappointed. I am using the money I have saved to pay for these classes and at the same time postponing the buying of a new iPad mini, expensive coffees and travel. Despite the sacrifices, I am determined to stick to Pilates as much as I can!

April 5, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (March 2016)

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I could have done without a couple of the purchases below especially with my credit card payment looming around the corner!

  • An H&M tshirt (P599) that said “My Everyday Tshirt”. Yes, I am planning to wear it as much as I can
  • A Happy Mooshi (P125) after a pilates session.
  • Finally bought a pail (P185) after being plagued with no water for several days.
  • Yoga class card 3+1 (P500).
  • Chocolates (P166.50) for my nieces
  • Ice cream (P100) for some work colleagues.
  • A bowl of shoyu ramen (P250) at Nonki.

I tried to do something healthy eating but I wasn’t able to sustain it for more than a week

Yoga and Pilates in March 2016

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Argh, the last weeks of March was derailed by the studio closing for Holy Week and me stuck after 6PM at work! So far it has been a trial to go back to my regular routine especially with the debilitating heat.

yoga mar 2016

March 4, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (February 2016)

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Looking at February’s numbers is almost giving me a heart attack.

  • Went back to yoga and got 5+1 (P800) and 3+1 (P500) class cards at Yoga Yachtclub Mactan.
  • A lot of dining out including a pizza treat (P866) for some of my HW engineers, breakfast (P135)at Bo’s, lunchout (P130) at Manggahan, halo halo treat (P180) for another colleague, lunch (P425) at Brique Ayala with Jeanne and a Munchkin box (P135) for my niece.
  • Fake Adiddas t-shirt (P150) and a Island Souvenirs t-shirt (P199.75) since I am running out of tops for workout and going out.
  • Trying out a new natural deodorant from Nature’s Gate (P195).
  • Also shelled out P10,400 for my pilates classes!

So in March, my goals include less eating out and healthier eating!

February 29, 2016

Yoga and Pilates in February 2016

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Going back to yoga after 2 months of hiatus though I am scaling down from what I did before. I am now starting with Pilates which is much less stressful and painful. I am now looking forward to my Saturdays with enthusiasm!

yoga_pilates (feb 2016)

February 26, 2016

Loving Pilates

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I did it! I enrolled for 8 one-on-one pilates sessions! Don’t ask me how much because thinking about the amount makes me weep like a mad woman.

This month I joined two mat pilates class with Glenna at the Yoga Yachtclub Mactan. I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t too taxing but a lot of unused muscles were working. I heard that there was an equipment-based pilates at City Sports Club Cebu so I asked for details. They told me to book for a trial class which I had last Saturday and I was immediately hooked. Yesterday was my first paid class.

I want to lessen yoga for the next couple of months. I still have pain on my right wrist (planks & chaturangas are torture) and my left shoulder (I can’t do any binds). Right now I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. I make up excuses to not go to class. Easy postures like triangle are painful and exhausting. However in the end I am happy that I went to class.

Now I am in a weird mood wherein I want to get away from work and the world. So I don’t have plans to join any camps or workshops or trainings. Also I don’t want to teach a class. If I want to do yoga, I will only do it at the yacht club. No more studio hopping.

I am thoroughly enjoying pilates now. I like the one-on-one approach and the focus on the right alignment and posture. I am learning a lot and I am trying to fix the bad habits that I continue to do even in yoga. Also I don’t need new gear for pilates except for socks and I have gone back to using my Converse long pants. I don’t sweat that much in pilates because the studio is air conditioned.

The downside of pilates is the price but then if I am going to enjoy my money before I die then this is one of the best ways to use it. Also this means minimizing expense in other areas like expensive coffee and eating out. I will have to wait for my iPad mini to conk out before I buy a new one. So this means no Loki toy (P599.75) and H&M laundry bag (P899) that I saw yesterday at the mall.

Book for a trial class at Pilates Fit Cebu. They also have group and mat classes.

February 2, 2016

Going Back to Yoga in 2016

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After two months of no yoga, it was good and disappointing to be back. It took the entire class before I finally was able to lower my heels to the mat during downward dog. I lost any arm strength I had, all chaturangas had to be done with my knees down. I was dumping my weight during planks and I couldn’t get my head around side planks. I regretted not doing any yoga (even during weekends) last month when I finally recovered from my illness. Previously the longest time I took a break from yoga was two weeks and it was torture when I came back so I shouldn’t be surprised this time. I need to do as much yoga as possible this month but taking into consideration to having one day in the week wherein I don’t have to wake up early. Until I get my form back, there will be no headstand or wheel or anything fancy. However I still managed to do crow for a brief second.

Yesterday was the official opening of Yoga Yachtclub Mactan. The place isn’t finished yet but the scenery is precious. You do yoga while looking out at the boats and the Mactan channel. The weather was cloudy which for me is always the best weather in the beach. There is no more claustrophobia though the ceilings are lower. I love the wooden floors which was more organic than the ones at Yoga Tree. There is a toilet and shower though it was tricky to get inside, I wonder how it would work out later. The place is tucked away so that you feel you are far away from the hustle and bustle of MEPZ employees going or leaving work. I bought a 5+1 class card (P800), sadly I have no more free classes.

I am going back to my routine of leaving work early, hurrying home after yoga class, buying bread for dinner, airing out my towels, soaking and laundering my workout clothes, and finally preparing the clothes for next day’s class. Time to load up on detergent and finally buy new shirts for class.

During my two-month break I did not experience any lower back pain. But after a single yoga class yesterday, my back hurts. Can someone explain that? My right knee also hurts.

P.S. Why am I buying the 5+1 card? It should be the 3+1 card! The later costs P125/class while the former is P133/class. My brain must have flown off somewhere.

January 7, 2016

Expenses Monthly Analysis (December 2015)

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December was the time I did more than overtime than in the rest of the year. I also got sick and still struggling to get my strength back.

  • There were many instances of expenditures for Bo’s and Starbucks. I was tempted by Starbucks during a really late telecon at work. I was at Bo’s 3 times, once to use their wifi (had no internet at home for 3 weeks), to have a good breakfast when my fever finally broke and while waiting at the airport for my flight home. Total cost was P580.
  • I bought a P500 class card at Yoga Tree. Unfortunately I only used one out of four classes that I was entitled. All the things that happened during the month left me no chance to do yoga.
  • Another place I hangout is at McDonald’s. Total cost is P227.
  • A pack of 3 toothbrushes (P108). I forgot I still had a new one hidden in my drawer.

Still eating a lot of crap and sugar despite being sick.

January 4, 2016

Yoga in December 2015

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I suddenly got busy at work in the first couple of weeks and had evening telecons that I had to join. In the third week, I got the flu and could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I was still not feeling well when I went home, I was plagued with a cough and tiredness.

Yoga Tree closed its doors in December 20 and will be transferring to Cebu Yachtclub by January 18. So as of the moment, no yoga for the first couple of weeks. I still need to get my strength back after my illness.

yoga dec 2015


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