November 18, 2016

Vision Board#3

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One of my dreams is to travel to another country just for the food. I think Vietnam is the best bet! Also, I think this is the most amazing interview with Obama.



September 24, 2016

Vision Board #2

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Do vision boards really work? I don’t know so this is my experiment.

I already posted my the first picture for my vision board in Facebook. What does it mean, I am not exactly sure. Is it coffee? Work? Or?

One thing I really want do again is travel. I want to travel again. I am inspired to go to any of the Nordic countries. One is Sweden. I don’t really have an idea of what Sweden looks like except for two. The first one is Nyhavn where I saw a video of Kino McGregor doing Ashtanga in front of the people who just ignored her. That video also showcased her chanting the opening chant.

Another Swedish image implanted in my mind is the rapeseed field in the first Wallander episode, the one with Kenneth Branagh. I would love to visit the countryside: Ystad, Malmo, Skane, Smaland, etc. All those places mentioned in the books!