December 16, 2014

A Reminder

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I saw this in Elephant Journal’s Facebook feed today. It is an apt reminder for me especially with the stress that I am dealing with now.


I Never Win Anything

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I never win anything worthwhile so it was thrilling to get a free class at YogaHub after yesterday’s Vinyasa class with Bernadette.


December 15, 2014

Savasana and Adjustments in Yoga

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Im-Just-Here-Savasana-BottleA couple of Saturdays ago, amidst the tumultuous weather courtesy of Typhoon Hagupit. I attended an Ashtanga class in the morning and a deep stretch class in the afternoon. I haven’t done any Ashtanga class for a long time so I was apprehensive. Maybe because the weather wasn’t hot, I wasn’t sweating as much as normal. It felt wonderful to do Ashtanga again and I am hoping to have it back in my regular practice. 

In savasana I never fall asleep although I have heard other people snore the moment they relax in their mat. On that particular Saturday, it was probably the combination of the gloomy weather, the exertion during Ashtanga and the relaxing sequences of deep stretch that made me fall asleep in savasana for the first time! We were still doing the reclined butterfly when I started to float. When the teacher told us to relax starting from our head, I couldn’t remember when I fell asleep because I suddenly found myself waking up with the others in the class. We took a few extra minutes before finally rolling our mats away. I tried to fall asleep again in last Saturday’s deep stretch class but it was just beyond my reach. 

There are people who don’t like to be adjusted during a yoga class. If the teacher is new, I sometimes feel uncomfortable when he/she is heavy handed. But then if you have been with a teacher for a long time and they make regular adjustments, just a little nudge and your body already knows what to do. One of the advantages of having a regular teacher is that they notice your progress or your discomfort a whole lot better.

December 12, 2014

Yoga on the Beach

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It has been a hellish week and there is no sign of letting up. Fortunately the weekend is here and I can center myself with my yoga. I need to find inspiration and ask myself what is the path???


December 5, 2014

This Is Not The Terminator I Remembered

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Emilia Clarke looks badass!


December 1, 2014

Yoga in November 2014

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yoga nov 2014

A Lesson In Teaching A Yoga Class

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Once in a while I intentionally join classes led by new teachers. I try to have sympathy for them knowing that they are nervous, they sometimes forget their sequence and they can talk too much. But when the teacher asks the class if anyone has injuries and tells everyone it will be a beginner’s class but then proceeds to go ahead with her original sequence, I tend to lose my patience. It became worse when she did not offer a more accessible extended side angle. I am glad I did the easy version because the next poses were taxing. I was fine that she introduced crow but when she demonstrated crow to tripod headstand, I hope she didn’t scare the newbies. I wished she focused more on the students and less acrobatic demonstration. I wished there was less talking so that there would have been more flow with the poses. I have noticed that new teachers tend to make complicated sequences to be done on one side before doing the whole thing on the left side. It can be tiring on the standing leg and knees. Sometimes it is so complicated that they skip a pose when doing it on the left side. 

Would I join her class again? Maybe I will because I know what to expect. Most important of all, I learned something that I hopefully in my own classes. Be prepared, use simple poses and modify if needed.

Little Blue Boy

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When you hang out with vegetarians, you get to know which restaurants offer vegetarian options or which restaurants are strictly vegetarian. I have found out that vegetarian options in a menu are often expensive and places that are supposedly healthy can be deadly to the pockets if you eat there every day. Also some vegetarian places try to make up for the taste by making food too sweet or salty. So are there cheap vegetarian restaurants in Cebu? It seems that these places are mostly concentrated in Urgello. There are Healthy U and Shiv Dal Roti Corner, both near Southwestern University. So far I have only eaten at Healthy U and I liked the ‘meatballs’ they served at an Ananda Marga event. Both places are quite small and have no parking area, a carenderia is an apt description for them.

A little further away near USC South Campus is Little Blue Boy which is bigger, cleaner and has a parking space. The food is better and the service is attentive yet the prices are not expensive, it is still a carenderia though. It is a completely vegetarian place and they have eggless leche flan which I did not try. I did eat the haleyang ube which was almost good as the ones I ate when I was a child. I wonder what they put instead of butter and condensed milk. It is a place worth checking again though they are closed on Sundays. 

Why are there no places like these in Mactan? I think it is time that people learn that being vegetarian needs not to be boring and expensive.


November 29, 2014

Searching For A Guru

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This is a beautiful, beautiful video. Once in a while in my practice I wish there is a teacher who can help me deepen the pose, explore what my body can do and safely push me to be not complacent.


November 27, 2014


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I thought that for the whole month of November, I would be doing yoga every day. I was doing swimmingly for more than 2 weeks when suddenly last Wednesday the class was cancelled since the teacher did not arrive. Then the next 2 days I had to skip yoga since I had whole day trainings which left me exhausted and I still had to do overtime to catch up on the work I missed while I wasn’t on my desk. Also, it was the Lapu Lapu City fiesta so traffic was horrible.

On Saturday morning I had a short yoga class since the original teacher did not arrive and someone had to hurriedly come over to sub. In the afternoon, I enjoyed the Deep Stretch class but then had to go to Studio 108 for taichi. It was already 11PM when I arrived home but then was back at the studio early the next day for charity yoga. Then I got dragged to join Contemporary Dance where everyone was dripping in sweat just a few minutes in. We managed to escape and had lunch at Café Saree at Rustan’s Ayala (not impressed) and coffee at Krispy Kreme. It was late afternoon before I finally was back home.

Monday at work was hectic. I couldn’t leave early to catch the 5:30PM vinyasa class at YogaHub. Besides I had a headache and I wanted to recover from the weekend so I headed home early. The next two days I felt strong during yoga class but now I need a break. I am suffering from menstrual cramps and the rainy weather (Typhoon Queenie) makes me want to huddle in a ball. I have taken a day off tomorrow but I will be attending hopefully 2 yoga classes and perhaps squeeze in a nap!

In a few weeks, it would be Christmas vacation but my schedule is not letting up. I think it is time to let go of commitments and obligations.

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